Kevin’s Fishing Terms revisited

Kevin Blouch has hilarious fishing stories
Kevin Blouch has hilarious fishing stories

This was in an article roughly 2 years ago.  My buddy Kevin Blouch works on the head boats from Anglers Fishing Center out of Lewes.  Over the years he would come up with his own names of fish   to help pass the time and entertain the customers.  I am putting these back up because they crack me up all of the time.  I think we will have to add them to the also know as section in the Delaware fish ID page.

I will release the secret lingo of fish names, in my world, I have created most, sharing some by a few others … They have been created over time, years, adding more fun and mystery for charter, and head boat patrons, and now the global community … This will cost Rich a Tee and maybe a Rummage at the local community center someday…  

Kevin you are on!!  I will abide that, this is hysterical! …

Weakfish, delaware state fish, sea trout,
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Sharpita – small Dog Fish aka Sand Shark
Sea Bat – both Skate & Cow Nose Ray
Sea Rocket – large Sea Robin
Toothy Unit – any shark with teeth, excluding dogfish
Flat one – Flounder
Blue Unit – Bluefish
Black Wiggler – Conger Eel
Silver Bullets – Croaker
Big Beastlies – Black Drum
Blow Hole Units – Pufferfish
Horseshoe Crab – German helmet
Striped Cat…….Striped Bass
Goner – Weakfish/SeaTrout
Porkisette – Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin
Fleet of Porkis – A school of these bottle nosed units………..
DE Bay Big Eye…….Cownose Ray ( see Sea Bat)

oyster cracker, toad fish
oyster cracker or toad fish

And last, but not least, my favorite denizen of the deep the dreaded Oyster Toadfish, AKA Oyster Cracker……………( their old nickname is a Mother-in-law fish, I don’t like that, I Love my MIL) … Somedays, I remove hundreds of these units from the patrons hooks … our bay reefs are filled with these alien beasts … on any random day, I may call them … Orange Roughies, Brown Bombers, Golden Monks, Orange Crushes [my new personal favorite] and also new … Calico Groupers … Special thanks to Kenny for … Sea Rocket … Don’t ask why … this is just dumb stuff,  I will be writing a book on goofy, fishing stuff I’ve seen on the boats sometime soon …
….  Kevin Blouch  ….. 

I still use these terms when I am fooling around in a conversation and will have to revive them in articles soon.  I am working on getting Kevin to start telling us some stories from fishing the high seas of the Delaware Bay.   Well at least some of the them, the more colorful stories are for the community center (that is code for bar a.k.a. local watering hole)

Fish On!!
Rich King

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