It Is Crab Larvae Season

That isn’t sea lice biting you it is crab larvae

There are thousands upon thousands of female sponge crabs in the surf up and down our coast. We have been catching them while surf fishing the past weeks.
Sponge crabs are female blue crabs that have an orange “sponge” on their abdomens.  These sponges are full of eggs, and they are hatching.  There are literally billions upon billions of these larvae in the water.  This is nothing new, you won’t get a space on your 2020 bingo card, it has been happening since blue crabs existed.

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Sponge crab caught in the surf in Delaware
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Every time there is another hatching or release you will have these issues and they are isolated. They will occur at different beaches different times of the day. The larvae will move or drift with the tides up and down the coast. Take a shower after you leave the beach and scub a dub dub. It is best to shower right after you leave the water.

NOAA, crab larvae, beach lice, beach chiggers
Crab Larvae .. photo from NOAA

And not to be outdone by the sea. Chiggers are out in full force and getting worse with the heat. The land version of “sea lice”. I’d rather get eaten up by crab larvae. You can’t cure chiggers, the “remedies” online don’t work. Get the feed tube out of your skin, then heal is all you can do. The hottest water you can stand helps or a compress. Everything else is just a myth. Neosporin no itch formula helps, or cortizone.

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