International Space Station passes over every night

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The point in Cape Henlopen State PArk as seen from the International Space Station … photo courtesy of NASA

Have you ever seen the international space station (ISS) fly over?  This is a shot of the point in Cape Henlopen State Park, taken from the International Space Station.  That is a very long cast and I doubt they have to air down.  The point will open on September first.  Want to see the ISS? You can also sign up for alerts when it will pass over via email …  or you can see a daily schedule by filling in your location and get a schedule of passes.  Below is a list for the next few days, which will be fun to see while stargazing for Perseid meteors.  It will look like a very fast moving jet, and will last anywhere from one to two minutes.

Date Visible Max Height Appears Disappears Share Event
Wed Aug 5, 9:54 PM 1 min 11° 11 above NNW 10 above N  
Thu Aug 6, 9:00 PM 2 min 15° 15 above NNW 10 above NNE  
Fri Aug 7, 11:21 PM < 1 min 10° 10 above N 10 above N  
Sat Aug 8, 8:51 PM 1 min 11° 11 above NNW 10 above N  
Sun Aug 9, 11:11 PM < 1 min 12° 12 above N 12 above N  
Mon Aug 10, 10:18 PM 2 min 12° 10 above N 12 above NNE  
Tue Aug 11, 9:26 PM < 1 min 10° 10 above N 10 above N  
Wed Aug 12, 10:08 PM 2 min 18° 12 above NNW 18 above NNE  
Thu Aug 13, 9:14 PM 3 min 13° 10 above NNW 10 above NE  
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This is something that is fun for the whole family to experience.
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