Inland Bays Constantly Get Trashed By Coastal Storms

We need to have regulations to require people who live near the water to secure their trash cans during these coastal storms.

The coastal storms not only trash our beaches and inland bays with erosion and flooding, but with floating trash and debris. The source of the trash is our own backyards, and mostly comes from trash receptacles. The mini dumpsters we all use for trash service is the biggest source. Especially the recycling containers.

coastal flooding, pollution, flood zone, recycling containers, inland bays, mariners cove
Trash cans floating in the flood waters of today’s coastal flooding.

The new regulations don’t allow you to put your recyclables into trash bags. This is spreading trash all over Sussex county. You can see it on windy days when the trash is picked up, it blows out of the container. I have seen it blow ouot of the back of the trash trucks.
During these coastal floods, like today, the containers will float in the flood water and fall over. Spilling their loose contents that are not contained. Luckily Mariners Cove already had trash pick up, or these containers happened to be empty. I have seen entire bags of trash just floating through the streets of Pot Nets Bayside during Superstorm Sandy, even dumpsters. These are some of my least favorite pictures to take. This is happening in all of the inland bay communities that flood.

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Recycling, one might think is working, but it is really just covering our county with a lot of loose trash. The roadsides in Sussex county are covered with trash and the ditches are full, which drain to the sea eventually.
The trash floating in the flooded waterside communities recedes with the tide as it goes out or gets pushed by the winds into the inland bays. You can report roads that are “trashed” with a Request for Litter Clean Up Along Roadway in Sussex county.

coastal flooding, pollution, flood zone, recycling containers, inland bays, mariners cove
Recycling receptacles in Mariners cove in the flood waters from today’s coastal flooding

I would like to see regulations that required people to secure these trash receptacles and other items before coastal storms. We know when a storm is most likely to flood a bay community, that is a given these days. Regulations may never happen, even though technically this is littering, but is a grey area I am sure.
So if you get a chance, remind your neighbor that maybe they should move that trash can inside or to higher ground, and weigh it down, but not with more trash. Look around your yards for items that will float away during a flood.
We all know how high the water comes up in our yards. During Superstorm Sandy we watched a guy on video shoot at a loose boat coming towards his house that was free floating, he was hoping to sink it before it hit his house. I would have paid real money to hear that conversation with the insurance company.
You never know what a storm is going to lift up and move out of your yard. Please try to secure what you can and keep the trash cans out of the flood zone.

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