Inland Bay Water Advisory

Many are asking and many do not know this, but the inland bays, per DNREC, has a 24/7 swim advisory. The summer is when the advisory should be heeded the most. Do not go into the water for long periods of time if you have open wounds or a compromised immune system. Yes, that means everyone hanging out at the sandbars all summer. You don’t see any bathrooms out there do you?

Sandbars of the inland bays covered with boats on the weekends. ,, photo by Driscoll Drones

DNREC Water Advisory …. ” There is a permanent caution regarding swimming in the Inland Bays. The Inland Bays suffer from nutrient pollution, coming from failing septic systems, fertilizers and other sources. Water is slow to flush out of these bay, Indian River Bay, Rehoboth Bay and Little Assawoman Bay, so pollutants linger.”

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Even a fresh cut can be very dangerous, especially foo from a fish or piece of gear that has been in the water. We keep bleach with us on the boats and vehicles. a 10 to 20 percent solution of clean to water. Wash out any new cuts or old cuts immediately. If you start to see any issues go to the hospital.

You can get these infections from cleaning fish. They are covered in bacteria and in the warmer months that bacteria will flourish. Some people wear gloves when cleaning fish and it is a good idea during the hotter summer months. Many are panicking about this flesh eating bacteria and you don’t need to do that, but you do need to be cautious and take care.

Fish On!
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