Ice Fishing In Delaware Gets Extreme In Nature

A couple of weeks ago Staci Cantu was visiting Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge (feb 4th), and watched an epic scene. Below is swries of photos of the confrontation.
​Blue herons were ice fishing for breakfast, and a bald eagle was cherry picking their catches. Because when you are king of the air, I guess you can just wait, watch and take that food.

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We watched it catch a fish .. photo by Staci Cantu

The blue heron was fishing, just minding his own business and when it caught a fat fish for lunch, then this eagle swooped down, landed, and proceeded to chase the heron away from its meal. The heron got its back up for a minute and then decided it would be best to just let the eagle have the fish. That long neck is an easy target for the raptor.  Seriously, I doubt messing with the king of the air would be bad idea.

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The bald eagle swoops in to claim the catch.

I have seen blue herons battle each other over territory and fish, that can get vicious. I have never seen one go claw to claw with an eagle. I am sure the eagle would win, despite that big spear on the herons head. The eagle is built for that kind of confrontation and then some. In the series of pictures below you can tell the eagle isn’t even phased.

​The series of pictures below show an epic scene of these birds’ confrontation of sorts over a catch.

​Fish On!
​Rich King

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