I found My Biggest Delaware Bay Diamond

delaware Bay diamond, cape may diamond
Delaware Bay Diamond I found Sunday at the beach clean up (dry)

Delaware Bay Diamonds also known as Cape May Diamonds are quartz crystals that have been worn down like sea glass. They come in many shapes and sizes. Usually we only find the small pebble sized ones. I found the biggest one I have ever seen on Sunday. Just sitting on the beach while doing the weekly beach clean up.

Delaware Bay Diamond I found Sunday at the beach clean up (wet)

Finding them can be easy or hard depending on how and where you are looking. These quartz crystals worn down by a journey down the Delaware river can take thousands of years to reach our beaches. They are out there by the hundreds, probably millions if you dig and sift for them. I just find them all the time. The best place to look is where the stones all congregate in the cuts on the beach. The point is one of the best locations to look. Coincidentally the same areas we look for fish.

delaware Bay diamond, cape may diamond
Delaware Bay Diamonds I found the last few days. I don’t look for them I just see them often and pick them up.
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When they are wet the Delaware Bay Diamonds look clear, not crystal clear but they will look like wet glass beads. Many collectors tumble them and they get their clear as crystal features back. I prefer to just set them on the shelf the natural way I fond them. They are used for Jewelry by many collectors to be sold in shops and shows.
Way back in the day the Lenni-Lenape tribe,thought the Delaware Bay Diamonds or Cape May Diamonds had supernatural powers that would influence their well-being and give good fortune to their owner. They were used as gifts for special occasions and to settlers when they arrived in America before the colonial times.

sea glass, delaware Bay diamond, cape may diamond
Sea glass sitting among the rocks that collect on the beach where you find the Delaware Bay Diamonds

Delaware Bay Diamonds are easy enough to find, they look like round clear pebbles when they are wet. If you find one like the large one I found, look for veins in the crystal otherwise it could be a glass bottle stopper or well worn down thick sea glass. That was debate for a bit during lunch on Sunday. The Diamond won since it had veins and cracks.

Fish On!
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