How To Measure Your Striped Bass

Spring fishing will be here soon enough make sure you have the new striped bass regulations down pat and how to properly measure your catch.

DNREC and all the other state enforcement agencies will be checking striped bass more this year with the new regulations.  Make sure you measure your striped bass correctly or you could be in violation. Keep in mind Jersey regulations apply for the Jersey side of the Delaware bay. New Jersey is one striped bass per day between 28 and less than 38 inches in length. That is three inches longer than Delaware’s regulation.

Measuring a striped bass correctly is important so you are within these new slot limits.
 Striped bass or Rockfish have to be measured to overall length in Delaware.  Pinch the tail together and measure from the closed mouth to the end of the pinched tail.  Make sure the tail is stretched out as far as possible when you pinch it together, see the image for guidance.  This is a straight line measure so it is recommended to use a measuring board or lay the tape on the ground.  Do not measure along the body of the fish, the curve will skew the actual length. DNREC will also be looking for people who have trimmed tails to make the slot length. That became an issue a couple of years ago.

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How to measure your striped bass

A striped bass that measures thirty five inches to the fork will be over thirty seven inches and not legal to keep in Delaware.  A fish measured along the curve will be longer than actual measurement and you could be in violation. Delaware’s new creel limit is 28 to 35 inches. Good rule of thumb is if you are not sure, then release the fish. If you want to to know the age of your striped bass use the chart below. Keep in mind that chart’s weight is more of a representation for fall fish, not the skinnier spring fish.

striped bass age chart, rockfish, delaware, sussex county
Striped bass age chart. Rough estimate for fish that have spent a season in one area, run fish could be heavier or lighter.

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