How To Get Your 2020 Delaware Fishing Licenses

This comes up ever year. How can I get my fishing license on January 1st if the state offices are closed? This year luckily the first isn’t a Sunday, there is a new automated system in place for fishing licenses to be purchased online it will activate or reset for 2020 on January 1st. You need to use a computer to get your license online not a mobile device. However according to the last fishery council meeting, mobile devices would work, but that new system will not be operating by mid January. If you do the online deal print more than one copy or make copies, so you have a replacement license if you lose one. I make at least ten copies a year and lose as many.

Stores will have the ability to sell you a license on the first of January, if they are open. Walmart will as well and they are always open. Some shops don’t have the Delaware Fishing licensing service available. Being paid only a $1.50 service fee to handle selling licenses is not something some want to deal with. Can’t say that I blame them, due to all the hoops they have to jump through to be able to issue Delaware State Fishing licenses as well as the responsibility that comes with that service.

If You are fishing overnight tonight, I wouldn’t worry too much. I doubt a wildlife officer is going to give you a ticket if you have last year’s, (2019) fishing license on you if you fish into the next day over New Years Eve. But go get one for the 2020 season if you are going to fish starting the first of January 2020.

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Everyone needs to pay attention to this council they are in charge of advising how the millions of dollars raised by our Delaware fishing licenses are spent. Don’t ask any hard to the point questions though, one council member might call you a Piece of Shit like he did to me.

DNREC website ….
“Under state and federal law, all fishing license revenue must be dedicated to the Division of Fish and Wildlife for fishing-related projects and cannot be diverted for other uses. The new law also establishes the Council on Recreational Fishing Funding, with seven voting members to be appointed by the Governor to advise the Division on expenditure of recreational fishing license funds generated. The Council, which will also have three non-voting members (two from the General Assembly and one from the Division), will meet once or twice a year.”

“The new licenses will be available at licensing agents statewide and online January 1 of each year. For more information or to obtain a fishing license, please call 302-739-9918”

License TypeLicense FeeAgent FeeMaximum Cost
Resident fishing (Age 16-64)$8.50$2.50$11
Non-resident fishing (Age 16 and over)$20$2.50$22.50
7-Day Non-resident fishing (Age 16 and over)$12.50$2.50$15
Resident Trout Stamp (Age 16-64)$4.20$1$5.20
Non-resident Trout Stamp (Age 12 and over)$6.20$1$7.20
Young Angler Trout Stamp (Age 12-15)$2.10$1$3.10
*Resident boat fishing (20′ vessel and below)$40$2.50$42.50
*Resident boat fishing (Vessel over 20′)$50$2.50$52.50
*Resident head-boat license$300
*Resident charterboat license$150
*Non-resident boat fishing license (20′ vessel and below)$40$2.50$42.50
*Non-resident boat fishing license (Vessel over 20′)$50$2.50$52.50
*Non-resident head-boat license$600
*Non-resident charter boat license$300

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