How Do You Clean A Beach?

I have been asked a lot of strange questions over the years. Some of my favorite as of late are about the beaches and fishing. Recently I was talking to a buddy who was in town and he asked … How do you clean a beach? I answered, you put on gloves, grab a bucket, and pick up anything that doesn’t belong there. He looked at me, blinked, and said okay that makes more sense than what I was thinking.

Walking the beach with buckets looking for anything that doesn’t belong there

So now I was curious. I asked, wait what exactly did you think we do out there? “Well, I was wondering how you would clean the beach, like you know, clean the sand and what you would use. Your way sounds much easier.”
The imagery my buddy had was people cleaning the sand, with giant vacuums and what not. The imagery in my head now was a giant machine we need to run sand through. I could have had some fun with this answer had I known what he was thinking.

The DSF beach clean up volunteers and their tools
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So today we had to take a photo just for grins and giggles. Tuesdays are beach clean ups at a different park each week at 9 AM. Next Tuesday we will meet at Southside parking lot at the inlet and clean that beach and 3Rs.

Mark King driving along carrying the trash can water and taxis us off when done.

This is now my second favorite question this year, thus far. My first favorite question that is asked at least once a month is … So this surf fishing thing, do you fish while you surf? … (silence for a full minute) … Yes, Yes we do. The hardest part is reeling in toothy critters in the line up.
The imagery I leave them with is awesome. Now I have to go talk a surfer buddy of mine into another idea I have.

Fish On!
Rich King

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