His Biggest Fish Yet

Yesterday while everyone was sitting in rush hour beach traffic, Jeff Purdy took his kids and their friends to the beach. He had them all rigged up for a shark in the surf at Cape Henlopen near Herring Point.
“I was hoping to get them on a shark, we had a bunker head out. Instead of a shark, Ticen Willey of Milton DE, caught this 34 inch striped bass.
He is thrilled it is his biggest fish yet he has ever caught”

Ticen Willey from Milton DE with his 34 inch striped bass caught in the surf at Herring Point on a bunker head

The smile says it all for Ticen and he is now probably a soon to be addicted striped bass angler. He has long nights of walking beaches for no bite, hours and hours of casting into the dark, fishing raging storms, sleeping at work or school so you can fish at night, sleeping in strange parking lots between tides to get some semblance of sleep before you go insane and all the other crazy things striped bass anglers do to catch that one fish.

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I think Ticen should hold a clinic on how to catch a striped bass on a bunker head, on a bright sunny day from the comfort of your beach chair. Bunker heads are one of their favorite foods. Looks like Jeff already taught him the Lewes Stretch. Nice catch buddy!

Fish On!
Rich King

SIDE NOTE …. Big bass follow bluefish schools. The blues don’t eat the bunker heads, the bass scoop them up or cherry pick the leftovers. I have seen some very big bass caught on bunker heads. One big bass that a guy kept had 7 bunker heads in its gullet. So using bunker heads for bass is a good idea some places even sell bunker heads by the bucket.

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