High Stakes Bar & Grill Fenwick Island, DE

High Stakes Bar & Grill, 5799 Lighthouse Cove, Route 54, Fenwick Island, DE, restaurants Fenwick Island,
High Stakes Bar & Grill … located .. 5799 Lighthouse Cove, Route 54, Fenwick Island, DE

Eight years ago, a little deli was started in Fenwick Island, DE by Brian Deluca and his family, he was “born” into the restaurant business.  Their 25 years of experience in a small sandwich shop near Philadelphia, has created a very popular hot spot in Fenwick Island, DE.  When I asked him why the name High Stakes Bar & Grill … “I incorporated a Vegas theme with our already famous cheesesteaks“.  He laughed when I said why spell it “stakes” and not “steaks” … “Everyone asks us that and we wanted to keep it a duel meaning”.  The first bar known as the “west” bar was added 5 years ago and the “east” side was added 2 years ago.  The bar can seat 100 patrons, and caters to the locals as well as the summer crowds.  High Stakes Bar & Grill is open 24/7, and when we were all snowed in last year, Brian opened during the storm …  “So people without power would have somewhere to go for a hot meal”.  Most of the locals live within walking distance, and the Black Pearl Designated Driver Service has High Stakes on their bar crawl routes.  High Stakes Bar & Grill has become a very popular “neighborhood” hotspot.  I have many friends that hang out there, rave about the food, especially the cheesesteaks, and the atmosphere.  You can watch any sports team here on multiple TV’s, and there isn’t a “house” team, all fans mingle here.  On any given Sunday, there are numerous sports on all TV’s, and they have all of the networks for viewers to enjoy.  High Stakes bar & Grill is open 11 a.m. till 1 a.m. and Happy Hour is 11 – 7 everyday.   Located at 5799 Lighthouse Cove, Route 54 in Fenwick Island, DE  … 302-537-6971.

High Stakes Bar & Grill, 5799 Lighthouse Cove, Route 54, Fenwick Island, DE
The west side bar at High Stakes Bar & Grill … 5799 Lighthouse Cove, Route 54, Fenwick Island, DE
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Sports is not the only entertainment at High Stakes Bar & Grill.  they offer trivia in the spring on Mondays, and Wednesday is poker night.  Bands entertain the crowds on Friday and Saturday nights in the “off” season.  Summertime live entertainment is Thursday through Sundays, unless football season is still going (Sundays).  I know a lot of the bands that play, and have played High Stakes Bar & Grill, and they are all exceptional local talent.  Remember they have a huge following for all teams and types of sports.  The deli has meats and cheeses available by the pound, and those killer deli dill pickles in a barrel.  There is a take out menu and plenty of space to sit and eat, after you order.  They have great daily drink specials, and also have free WiFi available, which is perfect when DSF is in the field.  I love cheesesteaks, I always have, they are a “staple” of my regular caveman diet.  I will be dropping in on High Stakes Bar & Grill, whenever I am in the area, as well as to support a sponsor of DSF.  I want to thank Brian Deluca for supporting Delaware Surf Fishing, I look forward to working with him in the future, and wish him well with a very successful business.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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