Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Anyone ready to start doing this to get a fish on? The fishing has been decent to okay depending on where you are fishing. Bill McGee gets props for the first flounder of the year. “I put out a test crab pot and came up with this little fellow after soaking the pot for the night. Apparently the tiny summer flounder are here”. Makes me wonder if the juvenile flounder move out like their parents during the winter or if they stay in the estuaries like striped bass until they reach a certain size.

6 inch summer flounder caught by Bill McGee in a crab pot in Indian River Bay

The white perch action has been spotty at best,  yellow perch (neds) action even worse.  There are a few catching but many are just fishing and going through the motions.  Bloodworms have been the best bait and keep an eye out, shops are starting to open back up for the season.  Call ahead to check if they have the bait you need.  Minnows and grass shrimp are another good option for perch.  Dan’s will be open this weekend, looking forward to that visit.

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    “I’m going to start bringing in bunker by next week possibly this week.  Not for the surf or striped bass but for the blue catfish anglers.  Those fish love those bunker chunks.”  Dan at Dan’s bait and Tackle.  “Otherwise I will be freezing it, and getting it ready for crab season.  Which has started for crab pots but the water is still a little too cold.”   I’ve been at this for almost 30 years and it gets worse each year.  We used to sell clams by the bushel for drum now we rarely sell a whole bushel in a week.  Clams will be harder to come by this year, not many of these guys are clamming for bait clams anymore.”  Dan’s is one of my favorite places to visit and talk fishing trash.  Those boys know their waters and its ways, they are very respectful of the fishery, they wish it were better and not getting worse.

    If you have a boat that needs attention before you get it dropped for the season better get on that.  Marinas and boat companies are gearing up to start dropping boats, some already have.  Now is that time to get scheduled, cleaned up, waxed, and ready for the season.   Check your bilge pumps and batteries, don’t want to sink at the docks, but that does make it easier for Tow Boat US to get to you.  Join the Tow Boat club and save on unlimited tows, the best $99 you will ever spend.  It is peace of mind more than anything else that you hope you never need to use. #redboatsarebetter is the saying around the office at Tow Boat US Indian River.

Fish On!
Rich King

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