Heavy Tides and Local Flooding


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Pot Nets Bayside this morning at high tide (Sunday) … photo by Chris White

The water has been reaching the dune bases on all beaches at high tide, be careful if you are heading to the beach.  The next few days you can expect the water to be a bit higher due to the full super bloodmoon.  The moon will appear to be full for the next three days but tonight is the start of the actual full moon.  Local flooding is happening at the normal spots during high tide.  Chiefs road where it hits River road in Oak Orchard, some of the marinas in the Pot Nets communities in Long Neck and the Tuckahoe acres area is seeing higher water on their beaches due to wind.  Make sure you have boats secured, and check your bilge pumps.  Luckily we have not had any rain with all of this heavy wind, which is pushing the water into the inland bays and creating heavy waves on the beaches.  However heavy waves crashing against the transom of a boat can splash water into the boat and fill it up quickly, and then sink it.  Been there done that.  Also loose boats can push onto docks and become hung up as the tide drops causing damage.  North Carolina has been getting pummeled, they have the brunt of the storm on top of them, we have been lucky.

For those of you up north traveling route 9 be aware the normal spots will flood south of Port Penn and Augustine Beach.  Those low lying areas are constantly flooding.


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David Pcholinski … Blues at  Henlopen. Mighty hard fishing for them in those hurricane waves!

The fishing has been tough but a few people have been out there and catching bluefish and small puppy drum in the surf.  David and Tony were fishing Rehoboth beach the other day and hammering blues in the surf.  Fish were upwards of sixteen inches, and the boys had a blast, while getting blasted by wind and water.  Dave noticed that when he could hold bottom the fish stopped biting, but if he used a three ounce sinker and let his line move with the water he would hook up fish.  The inlet has seen a lot of small bluefish, and fishing is easier on the bayside of the bridge.  The winds are rough out there.  I think I will wait until Tuesday.  We still have mild temperatures and the water has been averaging sixty eight degrees in the surf.  High tide this evening at Indian River Inlet is at 8:45 P.M. expect higher water. The water has been splashing over the jetty the past few days.  It is serious striped bass weather but the water is way too warm.  In New England the temperature was forty degrees this morning.  Fall is here and the temperatures are dropping, which will bring cooler water and then the fall run.  Get that gear ready for bigger fish.  The Delaware River near Reedy Point is seventy degrees and averaging sixty eight degrees in the south near Lewes.  We just might see an earlier run this year, but only time will tell.  In the mean time there are schooling striped bass up and down the Delaware bay and inland bays.  They are gorging on spearing and other baitfish.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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