Happy New Year

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Jeff Weaver with a 33 inch striped bass for the new year on a stretch 25

Happy New Year from all of us at DSF.  2013 was a great year, we had a lot of fun, met a ton of interesting people, and made many new friends.  We went on a lot of adventures and are looking forward to new ones this coming year.   Thank you for following DSF it has been a pleasure keeping everyone updated about Delaware’s tidal waters.  We will host two tournaments this year, and a few other events we are working on for everyone.  I will keep you updated on all of these events and more.  I hope everyone had a great 2013.

The other day Scott and the boys hit the surf and it was a dog pound and skate rink.  They were using frozen bunker, fresh is nearly impossible to find anymore.  That is par for the course this time of year.  There have been lots of birds working the water near the surf at the Indian River Inlet and farther south.  Sand eels are still in our waters.  Jeff Weaver said he had so many around the boat the birds were practically dropping in the boat.  He and his crew managed a few nice striped bass on stretch 25s they were between one and two miles from shore.  The areas in front of Sea Colony and Bethany have been the hottest for striped bass the past couple of weeks.  The Delaware bay has quieted down, aside from tautog, not much else is being caught.  Boats today were within several hundred yards from shore at Fenwick Island.   They seemed to be doing well out there, one would think the surf would be too, since the fish are not that far off the coast.  I’m hoping if you match the sand eels out there you will have better chances catching rockfish in the surf.  There is still bunker out there too Jeff caught one today, you just have to find fresh bunker for bait and that is not going to happen this time of year.  I plan on trying the surf this week, and may even take a few friends up on offers to hit the boats.  Despite the freezing temperatures and possible snow, we will see how things go by the weekend.

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There is a supermoon January first (tonight) which will affect the tides to the extreme.  The storm coming could cause coastal flooding during the high tide on Friday.  Maybe we will get lucky and see some fish pushed towards the surf.  Hopefully we will not flood heavily in the process.  There are still short striped bass in the back bays and even the Lewes canal and Broadkill river.  I have not seen as many spotted hake this year as last for the time of year, but that should change soon.  We still have snowy owls in our area and apparently there are thirteen in Delaware.  I hope everyone has a great new year, and we will see you out there soon.

Fish On!!

Rich King


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