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Tyler Bankowski doing his best drowned rat imitation, and 2 keeper striped bass.

Happy New Year gang!! …  the fishing has slowed down to almost nil, there are some bass still around.  Tautog are still hitting as are ling cod.  Skates and dogfish, galore.  I haven’t seen a redfish in a while.  Tyler Bankowski hit the inlet in the rain the other day, and brought home 2 nice keepers for the table.  The boats have been doing about as well as the boys on land long lining flies.  Bubble gum beach has been the choice, the birds were working 4 different areas today.  Alan Rosenberger and I took a trip around the bays, checking the piers, rocks, rails, and surf.  The “Dash n Fish”  as it were, which he learned takes a lot of time, and can tire you out fast.  Today was more dash, and less fish.  The trooper is now back on the road, being mobile is good.  The low tide has been a blow out tide for the past 2 days.  Not major, but low enough making it tough to travel in the back bays.  The winds have been ferocious.  The flats in Cape Henlopen were exposed, and that pretty much blew Alan’s mind he has never seen it like that.  If it were warmer I would have done a little clamming for bait.  The last full moon is attributing to this as well.  When we went to Canary Creek the Miss Caroline was sitting in the mud in the Lewes Canal, the banks were completely exposed as well as some of the canal bottom.  The ocean at 3R’s today was as calm as the edge of a lake.  It was night and day compared to last week when the surfers were hitting 8 foot waves.  Roosevelt Inlet had exposed banks, and Oak Orchard was dry past the piers.  The incoming tide has been better fishing at the Indian River Inlet.  From 8 pm on, the next few nights should be some decent fishing on the north wall.


Cape Henlopen Flats exposed at low tide
Cape Henlopen Flats exposed at low tide

I picked up my new 2013 beach tag today.  I always get it a few days before the year ends so I can hit the beach on January 1st.  It was an eye opening experience to say the least.  A person who came in to get their tag today, basically said “I don’t know what this is for, or really what it is, but I get a free one, and I want mine (beach tag).  In a rather snide manner too, I was shocked.  Volunteer first responders now get free beach access tags.  This RANT is in no way meant to say anything bad or derogatory about first responders, many of you are my friends, and all of you have tough jobs.  I was just shocked at the attitude, and I really want to say … I told you so, to EVERYONE. Especially our state “leaders” that created this legislation.  Now we have to fight for beach space, with someone who was given a free tag, and obviously has no intention of ever surf fishing.  I know many of you that are first responders will pay for your tag anyway, because you care about the beaches, and actually fish.  We now have a whole new group of “posers” to deal with, and how long will it take for other people to throw the word “entitled” around to get their free tags.  Since that is the “word” of 2012.  The parks are giving the military a discount, which we think is great.  DSF warned this would happen. I saw first hand today what this will be like in the future, and the year has yet to start. Yes, I am a bit peeved at this situation.  I hear complaints all day about “poser” surf anglers taking up valuable fishing beach space, granted only on the weekends.  People call me and ask us to kick their neighbors off the beach all the time for not fishing, we do not have that authority.  Regardless of my feelings on this situation, this is going to cost the state a fortune when it ends up dishing out 10,000 free drive on beach access tags.  Once the beaches are too full, they will have to be regulated for numbers of vehicles.  On top of that, it will cost more money for man power, and upkeep.  Like I said I hate to say it, but we told you so … Rant over! …. By the way, there are Delaware bay beaches that you can access, and drive on that do not require a tag, I will let you know about them soon.  I will be fishing these beaches more this year.


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Delaware Surf Fishing vehicle permit from the division of parks and recreation

You can get a fishing license tomorrow at Bill’s Sport Shop on route 1, or anyone else whom is open.  I don’t think the authorities will be upset if you fished past midnight tonight without a license, but I can not speak for enforcement, since so many have asked us that today.  I just think it would be common courtesy, but get one as soon as the stores open, again we can not speak for enforcement, but it is not easy to get one at midnight.  The state should just make licenses expire on the 3rd of the month, or make them available the week before.  Then this would not be an issue for many people on the first of January, every year.  Speaking of which, 2012 was a incredible year for DSF, I don’t even know where to start, and will have to take a few days to reflect.  I honestly feel like we launched this 5 years ago, and it has only been 18 months.  I am thankful for all the very cool people I have met, new friends made, lessons learned, and a killer job.  We have some exciting things planned for you this year, actually we have the  next several years all planned out.  Very exciting indeed!  I want to thank so many people I can’t even begin to list them.  First, I want to thank all of you the most … DSF readers (2 million) … without you this would not be worth doing.  I am grateful for friends and family that have helped us this year … and  2013 … well … that is going to be one to write home about, and I will.   Happy New Year gang! Thank you so much for your support.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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  1. Richard Pilkington says

    Great job Rich! It has been my pleasure to have met you and Chris! I look forward daily, to your postings! I have learned some techniques and look forward to learning even more! Keep up the good work guys! May the approaching new year bring you much health and prosperity! THANK YOU, and Happy New Year!

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