Get Your Boats Ready For Hurricane Isaias

Every time there is a huge storm we see boats sunk afterwards. If you are pulling your boat for the coming hurricane, get it scheduled now. I’ve seen these crews work in serious flooding waters to rescue boats at the last minute. That is dangerous for them and your boat, but mostly the crews.
Call in today and get it scheduled as soon as possible.

If you are leaving your boat in then get some extra dock lines and secure it better. It is very hard to predict how much the water will rise from storm surge and wind. It will be over the docks that much is usually a given.
Make sure your batteries are fully charged for the bilge pump. It will be working overtime, if the battery can’t run the bilge pump, your boat sinks.
If you have been looking at one of those solar chargers, now would be the time to pull that trigger.
If you have a boat in an exposed or open marina find somewhere else to park for a few days.
Make sure the boat is lined up at the marina to handle storm surge. Doesn’t take much to flood a boat when water is pushing and pouring over the transom. Then the bilge pump dies and your boat sinks.

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Tow Boat Us Indian River has an excellent tow program. Sign up for it now if you haven’t. So it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to salvage your craft next week. In all honesty as annoying as it is pull your boat, better to be safe than sorry.

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I get a text at midnight … What do you do about a sunk boat? you call Tow Boat US Indian River.

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