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Well it is almost that time of year to purchase your new surf tag permits.  They have been available now for a few weeks but what some people may not realize if you purchase your tags before the park fee increases, you will not be charged extra until you purchase your next tag.

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2015 Delaware Surf Fishing permit sticker
2015 Delaware Surf Fishing permit sticker

I would suggest getting a two year tag so you do not have to deal with park fee increases for two more years.  My sources have informed me the parks may start the fee increases as early as February fifteenth. If you are worried about changing up vehicles before the two year tag expires remember these tags are transferable to a another vehicle and I believe that fee is about ten dollars.  Today was a beautiful day at the beach as the above video shows.  Unfortunately there are not very many fish out there but that didn’t stop people from enjoying the beaches today.  The waves are clean looking but could use a day or two to clear up more.  The trough is still filling up in the middle of the beach so keep that in mind when parking.  Those troughs can fill up fast and all of a sudden you will find yourself surrounded by water or at least wet sand.  There were a lot of birds working the inlet today but I didn’t see anyone hooking up anything.  The water is very dirty and will take a few days to clear.  Visibility is less than a foot.   There were a lot of bird watchers there today looking for the Harlequin duck.  The tautogers were catching a few here and there.  The striped bass migration has definitely moved south for the winter but you can still take a ride below Ocean City, MD and find some.   No images found.

Hope everyone had a great holiday, and we are looking forward to wonderful new year.  Lots of exciting things are happening.  You can now follow us on Instagram too …

Fish On!!

Rich King

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