Floating docks being repaired at Massey’s Landing, and the proposed RV park

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Floating docks at Massey’s Landing have been removed for repair.

Yesterday at Massey’s Landing I noticed the floating docks were missing.  There is one dock remaining at the boat ramp and the courtesy dock has been removed as well.  Today I contacted John Clark of DNREC, he told me the docks were removed for maintenance, and should be back in place in about 2 weeks.  There are broken cleats, and a few worn pins and hinge pockets.  These have not been maintained in about 5 years, they do not remove the floating docks often.  The remaining docks will be maintained after the first have been re-installed   The wooden deck before the courtesy dock is wide open so be careful.  Someone could easily take a long walk off a very short pier, actually it would be a very short walk as well.  The crews will have something there to warn people soon.  The boat ramp is still accessible,  and this is definitely the best time of year to do this work.  The ramps were also cleaned of debris, and oyster growth along the sides.  Last thing anyone needs is a razor sharp oyster shell embedded in their trailer tire.  Not long ago the crews cleaned all the debris from the parking lot, and sidewalk leading to the pier.  Massey’s Landing is getting a makeover.  However, that is not the hottest news about Massey’s Landing .  There is a proposed RV park a company is trying to get approved.  This will displace all the homes at Massey’s Landing, and develop most of the surrounding land.  I do not know the stages this has reached, I am told several different things by many different people.  Here is a link for the state planning paperwork this is another link as well.  When we know more details that are solid facts, we will let you know.  Many people are posting their grievances about this proposal on our Facebook page, the best we can do to help is get the word out, we are not in “charge”.  Personally, as good as this would be for area businesses, it will have a negative impact on our already strained environment.  That is just my opinion.  With all the talk and preliminary planning for rising sea levels, I think this would be a bad idea.  Just my opinion.  Progress in the eyes of one party is not the same to others.

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  1. cfsbootlegger says

    We had a site at Massey s when the parking lot was sand, sad to see change but like everything else it’s what makes more money

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