Fishing … the good the bad and the ugly


bluefish, nick chieffo, delaware, sussex county
Nick Chieffo … All the stripers seemed to have lock jaw today but we picked up a couple rig recking gator blue that destroyed our umbrella rig
striped bass, rockfish, linesiders, lewes harbor marina, delaware, sussex county
Matt King … 41 pound striped bass 46 inches and a 29 inch girth.
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So you want the good news or the bad news first?  The good news … there are still fish in the ocean, the bad news …  they are not in the surf.  Well as far as migratory striped bass.  There are dogfish and skates a plenty, hitting bunker chunks and just about any other bait you put out. Short striped bass have been random catches on the surf.  The Indian River Inlet has been slow during the day and okay at night and that has been random.  Now for the better, but not so good news,the boats are still doing well but that may have slowed down a little today and it is a parking lot out there.  Fish have moved in closer you just have to find them, and by closer I mean within the EEZ.  Spread out and explore you might stumble on some fish.  The valley was producing some fish today.  Captain Brent of the Katydid said “Bite fell apart today, fish moved on.  We did catch four but two had to go back wasn’t hearing much chatter for all the boats out there.”    Captain Pete of Top Fin Charters did a little toggin today and he said it was a bit slow.  At least the boats are seeing some fish.  The boats as everyone has heard are doing well but not all are catching or they have to return the fish from whence they came due to Delaware creel limits.  Big shout out to DNREC enforcement, not only are they checking catches, but they are letting boat anglers know before they go out what the rules are just to make sure everyone has the right information.  Kudos to those folks, they work very hard and are rarely appreciated for that.

A10 flyby video, thankfully there wasn’t a Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt


Spiny dogfish, David Eastburn, delaware, sussex county, chsp, state park drive on beach
Spiny dogfish, David Eastburn

I met Dave and Dallen Eastburn in the surf today at Herring Point they were catching dogfish when I arrived.  This was right around lunchtime and since all we were catching were dogfish we decided to keep with that theme for lunch.  Three guesses where we ate and the first one doesn’t count.  Before we left for Rehoboth to catch the other Dogfish, the A10s flew by and circled the trucks on the beach.  We took some great video of them today.  We see them almost daily or the F16s.  I was telling Dave I missed a cool video of the F16s a couple of months ago and then the A10s showed up and we had our own little airshow.  Perfect timing.  That added some entertainment to an already great day.  Hopefully they weren’t using us for target practice and if they call ahead next time I will be more than happy to let them Brrrrrrrrrrrrrt the Rodeo.  I just want to take the video.  We also found a drone on the way off the beach, it washed up in the waves.  You just never know what you are going to find on a beach.  Everyone I saw on the beach today had the same report, nothing but dogs and skates.  However the general consensus was … it is December 11th, I am not at work, in a T-shirt on the beach, and we don’t care just glad to be out here.  This weekend is going to be even better weather.  I know people who have been trying for striped bass all week and it has been nothing but donuts, or dogs and skates.  Just a heads up but at high tide the water is coming up to the dune edge near the great dune at Naval crossing in Cape Henlopen State Park.  The other beaches are okay but watch the water, there are a few swales here and there holding water.

Beach yesterday in Dewey


Found this cool brick today. We are going to call it a Spanish galleon terracotta Lego and it is now up for sale for $10,000
Found this cool brick today. We are going to call it a Spanish galleon terracotta Lego and it is now up for sale for $10,000
drone, delaware, sussex county
Drone we found washed up on the beach

We are going to keep at it, you just never know, and we don’t call it fishing for grins and giggles.  If you want a guaranteed catch, go to Big Fish, catch it by the pound, burn the gear, and get a new hobby.  The fishing is always great, the catching just sucks this week in the surf.  Will the fish come in close, I have no idea.  Only thing I can say is if you aren’t there and it happens you will read about it instead of being in the middle of it.  I have had  five great days surf fishing, despite the lack of bass, dogfish are still fun for a tug on the line.  On the way off the beach tonight after watching yet another killer Delaware sunset, I dropped by Lewes Harbor Marina.  Always a blast to hang out with Joe and Amanda and see what fish came in for the day.  Yesterday Joe was knee-deep in striped bass, today was much slower.  Matt King pulled up with a monster striped bass in a cooler.  I dropped by also to torture myself since we weren’t catching fish and I wanted to remind myself what they look like.   Remember night fishing for shorts is good and there are other fish to go after aside from migratory striped bass.  Yeah … I hear ya, I want to rock a rockfish too.  Have a great weekend, it’s spring in December.  Enjoy it!

Fish On!!

Rich King


Last night’s sunset on the Rehoboth Bay


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