Fish Schools Are Now Known As Blobs

The other day a drone picture was posted by Robby Brown to the DSF group page asking if these “blobs” were fish and what kind were they. Bunker or bluefish most likely, moving up Fenwick Island beach. We confirmed they were schools of fish and then decided schools are now called blobs because why not. The picture really shows you how close the schools move along the beach.

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Yesterday a huge blob of bunker a half mile long was moving up the beach at Conquest and in so close they were swimming up the beach in the wash to avoid dolphins. There was also lots of small silversides swimming along in the dirtiest part of the ledge and wash area to avoid predators and feed. The water was really dirty or we would have been able to clearly see everything. There had to be some cobia on that school, and definitely sharks

Fish On!
Rich King

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