First night launch of an Antares rocket at Wallops

antares launch, trajectory of rocket, wallops flight facility, NASA
Antares launch visibility map and trajectory. Image Credit: NASA/Wallops Mission Planning Lab

The first night launch of the Antares rocket from Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in eastern Virginia is scheduled for October 27th.  The launch or lift off will occur at 6:45 p.m. (EDT).  The craft will rendezvous with the ISS, International Space Station on November 2nd.  Last year I was allowed to visit the launch facility with a group of media people during NASA’sl media program, the video above is from that launch.  It was an experience I will never forget. We saw a day launch and I am going to try and make it down to the area to see the night launch.  We have seen several rockets launch at night from Wallops in the past the brightest being last years Minotaur I launch.  Much of the Eastern seaboard will be able to see this launch.  Hope everyone will be able to take a few minutes from their evening to check this out, it should be a neat experience for the whole family.  The map pictured is the areas that will be able to see the launch.

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