First HMS Permit Issued In Delaware For A Jet Ski


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Not the PWC vessel you want to do some offshore fishing in.

Some of you have heard about the Delaware Jet Ski Fishing guys and their Facebook page.  Rob Jones and Rob Wolhar started this up last year.  It was sometime last summer when I get a picture sent to me from Rob Jones.  “Hey we are on our jet skis fishing DB buoy.”  The picture was of the ocean and a big ship going by,… I replied “ Dude you could be in a boat for all I can tell.”  I get this message back … ” Sorry wrong picture use this one.”  It is a picture of two jet skis decked out for fishing one each side of DB buoy.  Well holy dang!! I replied back I need to talk to you boys.  The Robs dropped by the house and I wrote up an article about offshore jet ski fishing in Delaware. The rest is history.  Since then we have been working on some planned adventures.  I have a Jet Ski I have to get rigged up for fishing this summer.  Ever since I first saw one of those craft I wanted to use one for fishing.  They can go anywhere and only carries one person.  Well, I can stretch it to two, if she really wants to go fishing.  My buddies better get their own ski, because you ain’t ridin’ with me.


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HMS permit for Rob’s Jet SKi

Since then the page has grown to many followers and they are organizing trips in groups to fish in places like the old grounds and the lightship.  Fishing the inland bays is a given for these boys and that is not challenging any longer. So the other day Rob Jones posted this on the Delaware Jet Ski fishing page … “I called the guy at National Marine Fisheries Service and told him I wanted to get a HMS Permit but had a few questions.  Told him I wanted to get a permit for Tuna fishing for a jet ski … After a moment of silence, he said jet ski?  Like you’re gonna fish from a jet ski …  for tuna …  in the middle of the ocean?  I said yeah, us Delaware guys are hardcore.  He said one second please.  I could hear him say to the guy next to him “dude wants a HMS permit for a jet ski!”  I faintly heard “holy crap” in the background.   He said okay no problem … I mailed my application to them today. “   So if you haven’t figured it out yet the boys plan on a little offshore jaunt this summer.  I am going to be with them in a mothership with extra gas, food, and any extra sanity we can take along with us.  Don’t try this at home kids.  These boys have skis that are decked out with enough gear to qualify for an offshore boat.  This is not for your average jet skier or ski for that matter.


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Where the boys have fishing on their jet skis, don’t tell rob we jacked his spots.

We are also in the process of organizing a the first annual Delaware Jet Ski Fishing tournament for June 18th at Holts Landing State Park.  There are a few more details to work on before we announce the tournament officially,but I decided to give you a heads up so you can plan for it.  This will be held in Indian River and Rehoboth bays.  Anyone is eligible to participate.  You just need a jet ski, fishing rod, entry fee, and the desire to have fun for the day.   We are in the process of getting sponsors for the event.  This annual tournament will raise money for the Children’s Beach house in Lewes, DE.   We hope to see you out there to have fun and learn all about jet ski fishing.  If you want to learn more check out the Delaware Jet Ski Fishing Facebook page and stay tuned to this website.  We have some other things planned as well.  A late season flounder tournament is in the works and possibly a catch and release striped bass tournament.

Fish On!

Rich King

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