First Beach Clean Up Of The 2018 Season

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Andrew Hansen walking the beach with buckets to collect trash. Peggy and Tina in the background catching up while collecting trash.

We were going to continue with beach clean ups all winter, but mother nature wasn’t too cooperative.  Add to that everyone getting really busy (namely me)  and we just didn’t have the time.  I would love to have the February spring weather back, the first clean up however did turn out to be a nice day for a walk on the beach and picking up trash.  I didn’t put up an event page or even announce the cleanup on the website.  I knew that several of DSF’s volunteers would be there anyway with just a text.

Also since we were cleaning Beach Plum Island State park, we didn’t need thirty people.  It takes a hot minute for five to eight people to clean that beach.  We did it once last year with only three people.  You can walk the entire beach and back in under an hour.  Entire being to the section that is closed as a preserve for birds and plants.  This past Sunday we cleaned Beach Plum Island State Park up in an hour and a half, and got caught up with each other.  We even clean the parking lot and walk on access areas.


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Sunday’s clean up crew all bundled up for the weather. Peggy has her own bucket she painted just for the occasions.

Volunteers are now meeting every Sunday at 9 AM and at a different beach each week.  There is a schedule with locations below. There will also be a Facebook event page for each clean up.  Anyone looking for community service hours for organizations and/or for kids etc, are welcome to come out and help.  you have to be with your kids, we do not babysit, and unattended children will be sold into slavery.  Or kept as interns … same thing.  I am kidding, we love to see kids come out and help, it is a great way to teach them respect for our environment.  They also have more energy than us older folks, just saying.

We use five gallon buckets to collect trash and then transfer to a trash can or trash bags.  This cuts down on the number of trash bags we end up filling and throwing away.  it is also easier to manage a bag in heavy winds as well as carrying them when they get full.  All recyclable materials are recycled, which is 99% of the trash we find.  Bring gloves if you can, but we do provide rubber gloves, after all we are picking up trash.

delaware,beachcleanups, beach plum island state park
In 2014 this trash was collected the first beach cleanup DSF did at Beach Plum Island state park. Over 500 pounds of trash.

I hope many of you can come out, one of our regulars came this weekend and drove two hours just to come help.  The group has created some great friendships.  We go out and eat after these outings and have a fun day, or stay and fish once they are biting, and then we go out.

We are doing a good thing for our beaches that we care for and use so much.  The hours we volunteer are collected and given to state parks to be used with their volunteer programs to help them with grants and the like.  This helps our parks in ways you do not see that occur behind the scenes.  Sunday we worked for 10.5 hours collectively for the parks, and it has been recorded for them to use.

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Thank you for all of the help, and when you are out there you can always just collect trash on your own.  Unfortunately every tide cycle brings in more trash, on all beaches around the planet.

Fish On!

Rich King


Beach Clean up Schedule … 2018 all meets start at 9 AM … Clean up Schedules subject to change for holidays and if we need to go back where we left off the week before.  This is announced at the end of each clean up each week, as well as the website and facebook. 

March 18 … Cape Henlopen State Park … meet at the small bathhouse below the weather station (the tower) for the point crossing beach.   This is a very long beach and we try to go as far as Naval Crossing jetty.  It takes about three hours.  If we can’t do the whole beach we pick up where we left off the following week.

March 25 … meet at Herring Point parking lot, the lower one that was just built.  We will do Herring point beach to Gordons Pond.

March 31 …  Yes this is a Saturday, but the 1st is Easter.  Delaware Seashore state park … We will meet at Key box crossing in the parking lot and clean to Faithful Steward Crossing.   This si another long beach to clean and

April 8th … Delaware Seashore State Park … Southside at Big Chill Beach Club we clean the walk on at southside and 3R’s.

April 15 … Fenwick Island State Park … meet at the bathhouse … we clean the entire park beach in one day.  This is another  long beach and can take about three hours.

April 22 … Beach Plum Island State park .. We start back at the beginning and the rotation continues.

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