FAA Proposes Remote Identification of Unmanned Aircraft Systems

The FAA on Dec 31st is seeking public comments about identifying unmanned aircraft systems (drones) of all classes.

There are apps that can tell you what planes are flying over your head now at all times. The FAA is proposing and seeking public comments on the same type of Identification system for drones and unmanned aircraft of all classes and uses. The document is over two hundred and fifty pages long.

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This has come about due to pilots needing to know these craft are in the air and where. Also people using these drones in ways they should not be and invading people’s privacy. This would increase not only accountability for that drones use but a way to identify the user for legal purposes by law enforcement.
It is very necessary for manned aircraft to detect these UAS’s. Public comment will open December 31st.

PDF exerpt ... “This is an important building block in the unmanned traffic management ecosystem. For example, the ability to identify and locate UAS operating in the airspace of the United States provides additional situational awareness to manned and unmanned aircraft. This will become even more important as the number of UAS operations in all classes of airspace increases. In addition, the ability to identify and locate UAS provides critical information to law enforcement and other officials charged with ensuring public safety

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