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Emu in the horse trailer after the chase and capture … Jeff Weaver

The Emu dubbed the Delaware Velociraptor has been captured after nearly sixty days of being on the loose.  It was captured this afternoon at a farm near the Stonefield neighborhood in Townsend Delaware.  Richard Haas said it was captured on his stepdad’s farm.  This elusive bird has avoided capture for nearly 2 months and caused two schools to be shut down.  Yesterday it was spotted in a field in Townsend, Delaware.  Several Facebook hunting forums had pictures floating around and people fantasizing about putting down a forty pound turkey for the holidays.  Jeff Wildonger and his buddy were traveling on route 9 yesterday when they saw it in a field on the side of the road. “Driving up Rt. 9 with Kerry today and we spotted an emu in a cornfield. We pulled over and gave chase with lasso in hand.  Apparently these feathered dinosaurs are much faster than us.  Just another day in Delaware. “    The folks from the  3 palms zoo caught him this afternoon.  My buddy Jeff Weaver was out there helping them try to round up the emu this afternoon.   “We chased him all over the place in the truck around a cornfield. ”   Now it is safe and sound and on its way to a boarding facility.   Jeff’s truck is covered in mud and he had to pull a few trucks stuck in deep mud.  I guess we should air down when emu wrangling. 


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Emu captured is now in the horse trailer. ... photo from Richard Haas
Emu captured is now in the horse trailer. … photo from Richard Haas

There was a soft lock down of two schools this week in Townsend, Delaware.  Spring Meadow Early Childhood Center and Old State Elementary School on Monday.  The emu has been seen in several neighborhoods and caused some traffic issues in the area.  The main concern police had was it causing a traffic accident.  The owner of the emu has yet to be identified and it is believed to be an escaped pet.  Now it will reside at a boarding facility near the 3 Palms Petting Zoo  in Clayton, Delaware.   I just spoke with Dan Stonebraker who runs the 3 Palms Petting Zoo.  “We wanted to capture the emu the most humanely and safest way possible.  We already have an Emu so we are going to have a vet check it out and then start an adoption process in a few weeks.”  The 3 Palms Petting Zoo is a rescue facility and nonprofit organization, check them out sometime if you are in the Clayton area, they are always looking for donations, just not anymore emus.

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