East coast is preparing for a Nor’easter, Delaware is in Coastal flood watch conditions

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Tidal surge graph … shows that the low tide between the 2 high tides, will be higher, than the normal mean high tide average.  The low before and after will be almost the same as high tide.

There is a storm system headed our way, following nearly the same path as hurricane Sandy.  Steady high winds, and unusual high tides will be the concern with this storm.  With the tide higher than average, the bays still holding water, we are in for some coastal flooding.  Hopefully no worse than the usual low spots.  Area fields, and drainage ditches are still holding water, meanwhile the ground is saturated.  Rainwater will collect, and head towards the bay.  I hope we don’t get hit that hard, but unfortunately this storm is not letting up, so far.  This image is from Dan Satterfield’s page …. “New storm surge forecasts are coming in this afternoon at higher levels than I anticipated. Significantly higher. Over 6 feet above mean low water on the Delaware coast and 5-6 feet near O City. Over 7.5 feet near Sandy Hook NJ.  This may turn into a strong nor’easter with significant coastal beach erosion and high water. A coastal Flood watch is now posted for Delaware.”  …  The ocean can be seen from route 1, across what is left of the dunes that have been replaced.  It is very possible water could come through there again (worst case scenario), flood or shutdown the highway, and close the bridge again.  This is just something to be wary about in your travels this week.  We hope the storm is no big deal, however Brick Towship NJ is now under mandatory evacuation by 6 p.m. Tuesday, I wish these folks could catch a break.

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Victim’s of Hurricane Sandy Donation Drive this was collected today and does not include the food … by Debi Dow-Fenimore

It was rather cold and windy today, I went to Cape Henlopen for day 3 of beach clean up.  The group was very energetic, and fun to hang out with.  They managed to get a lot of the wood that washed up onto the beach near the fishing pier and combed the main walk-on beach near the bathhouse.   There will be another clean up this Thursday at 9 a.m. “ish” I just do not know the details of where.  We will post information on other opportunities, in all the parks, and recreational boating accesses.  I have had a lot of people contact DSF for instructions on where and when, I will try to get that information up as soon as possible.  There are groups all over Sussex county collecting food, clothing, and items needed for hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey and Crisfield, Maryland.  We helped announce … Victim’s of Hurricane Sandy Donation Drive … Donations being accepted at Lewes Fire Dept. Cut-off is 3 P.M. Friday.  This is a good donation site set up by friends and great people.  If you can help out, it would be appreciated, many hurricane victims have been left destitute.  I know one person who not only lost their house, but the property it was sitting on is no longer there either.  There are a lot of people up north that need help, and I have a few friends I have not heard from.  Se safe and smart during this storm, we will keep you updated as much as possible.

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Coin beach, below Faithful Steward crossing in Delaware Seashore State Park, days after hurricane Sandy. The dune is being rebuilt and hopefully will hold from the coming nor’easter.

There are keeper redfish, bluefish, spot and shorty stripers in the surf.  Cut and whole mullet on rigs was the choice today, any  fresh cut bait seems to suffice.  Chris Fortner was out on the beaches the last 2 days surf fishing until he couldn’t stand the weather.  It was very cold this morning, something we are not used to yet, and the wind is not helping.  The water is cold, we have redfish, and ling (Spotted Hake) in the surf at Cape Henlopen State Park.  Weird year of fishing without a doubt.  The surf fishing beaches have survived, hopefully this next storm will not be too bad.  I don’t want my post hurricane Sandy pictures to become pre-nor’eaters.  We will keep you updated.  On a side note … the striped bass are still moving around up north (Mass) , but it takes some work to produce.  The fish are moving, we can’t get word from the crew in Jersey, all of the parks and accesses are closed or gone.  Last thing they need to be concerned with up there anyway.  The boys up North were hammering them off Sandy Hook, and lower … days before Hurricane Sandy.  Larger ones are being caught here, but mostly in the Delaware Bay in deep water.  This storm could push them towards Delaware’s coast.  Next week should be interesting.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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