Early Father’s Day Gift Showed Up In The Surf

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Now that everyone has resorted to fishing for smaller fish with top and bottom rigs and fishbites, all kinds of little fish are being caught. A pompano of all things was caught the other day. Not only is that really early, they are delicious, and this one was fifteen inches long! Use top and bottom rigs with small hooks. Fishbites, bloodworm, sand flea and even shrimp formulas. Also try to find small sand fleas or cut up large fleas and use pieces.

We usually don’t see pompano in the surf in Delaware until July at the earliest and the rest of the summer. Each year they are getting bigger and numerous. Maybe this year we will see some big pompano, last year many were caught. These fish travel in schools so I hope this wasn’t just one really lost fish. We did see a kingfish a month early at Assateague.

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Jim Thompson caught this pompano off the Fenwick drive on .. photo From Fenwick Tackle
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Now would be a great time to make sure you have the grill at the beach. A freshly cleaned pompano on the grill is delicious. They are easy to cook. Just clean out the guts, wash it out, and slit the skin open a little a few times. Some people like to crisscross the slits.

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Small Pompano

There are a lot of recipes online.  Just put a little salt and pepper on the pompano and throw it on the grill.  Salt the inner cavity as well, it is that simple and fast.  The meat will flake right off the bones after about 20 minutes on the grill.  If you are baking them it might take a little longer depending on your cooking temperature.   Coating pompano in butter or olive oil and spice to your preferences, is great for baking.  It is a sweet meat fish.

Happy Father’s Day Weekend
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