Dune Being Ruined In CHSP


protected dunes, keep off the dunes, cape henlopen state park, delaware, sussex county
Protected dune area eroding away form traffic. … photo by Stacey Chandler taken 11/15/2015

Last winter a few kids went sledding on this dune and everyone lost their minds, many saying kids will be kids what is the big deal?  Well the big deal is now this dune is being used as a path and is getting worse and worse.  Parks had to put signs there, that I am sure cost money, and are obviously being ignored.  Not just one sign, they placed them all over the dune, like exclamation points. The new fence that was put up was for aesthetics, but I would guess the old dune fence needs to go back up since it is very difficult for people to climb over those without falling over.  That will cost more money to replace something that already cost money and should be respected anyway.  So why are people still using this spot as a path?  Do they not care?  Do they feel they are entitled to do so despite the signs telling them to keep off the dunes?  Does parks need to put someone there in street clothes to start writing tickets?  Do we need a camera to bust people doing this?  Why can’t people respect the keep off the dunes sign?

delaware,sussex county, stay off the protected dunes, cape henlopen state park
Looking up the protected dune area people are walking down …. photo by Stacey Chandler 11/15/2015
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The path to the beach is only fifteen yards away and a much safer way to the beach.  As soon as someone gets hurt falling down that steep dune, guess who they will want to sue for their ignorance?   Maybe people figure, well it is not a big deal I just want to go down there for a minute what can it hurt?  This area was eroded away so bad years ago it looked like a drainage gully.  A lot of money was spent (by the parks) to fix that eroded area.  I guess it is headed in that direction again.   Maybe all that tag money can be used to fix things like this instead of more amenities and such, as it was intended  Maybe the parks should just close the look out area and keep everyone out of there.  So as usual, the many can suffer the ignorance of the few.  It is bad enough that beach replenishment costs millions of dollars, and we all have to pay for that. Did you know that the beach towns might have to cough up a load of money this time around for beach replenishment, to fix the storm erdoded dunes in their own towns?  I have taken a ton of pictures of this area over the past few months and it is getting worse and worse.  If you see someone on these dunes call the parks dispatch number 302 379 4580.   This is why we can’t have nice things.

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