DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series How To Enter Your Fish

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Tomorrow is the first of many tournaments (11) over the summer. Signing up is free, and fishing is free. All you need is the state fish ruler and a deck of playing cards. You may need a larger tape for these big bluefish. NO STRIPED BASS will be scored in this tourney. I know people do not like that, but that fish is in trouble and we would prefer you release them as fast and safely as possible.

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Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant Rehoboth Beach

Step one … Catch a fish, that is on the qualifying list of species. Measure the fish on the state ruler free at any tackle shop and Walmart. Measure to the fork of the tail not the tail. It is easier to read the fork measurement and keeps things a little more standard. We round down. A 12 and 3/4 inch fish is 12 points. There isn’t an extra point for the release, but we encourage people to release any fish they do not intend to harvest.
The day’s playing card which will be posted by 5 AM Saturday must be in the picture of the measured fish. This whole process is much easier if you have a fishing partner. The card will be on the website and posted on Facebook.

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Actively Fishing a great brew from Crooked Hammock available on the 23rd in cans

Enter your fish ….

Email the pictures to admin@delaware-surf-fishing.com or send them to the facebook as a message. We have the list of who is in the tournament. Just send us the name you signed up with.

Fishing times and location ….

Lines in at 7 am and out by 7 PM. Broadkill Beach to Fenwick Island are the fishing areas.

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This whole tournament is on the honor system and it is for fun. We hope everyone enjoys themselves tomorrow, and the rest of the summer fishing the chaos.
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June 1st
June 15th
June 29th
July 6th
July 20th
August 3rd
August 17th
August 31st
Sept 7th
Sept 21st
Grand Finale … This will be a cumulative award. Anglers who fished in more than one of the series will have their points added up and the twenty with the most points will place in the grand finale. These will be higher end prizes to be announced soon.

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Saturday’s tournament prizes are sponsored by Iron Hill Brewery, DS Custom Tackle, Helly Hansen, Inland Motor Sports, Easy Speak Distillery, WMF, and Crooked Hammock. We have gift cards and gear to give away for all 20 prize places. Anglers can meet up at Iron Hill Brewery at 1:30 PM Sunday afternoon, to receive their prizes.

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​Bluefish … 14 inches

Cobia … announced when Delaware sets the new creel size for 2019 

Croaker … 8 inches

Weakfish … 13 inches

Sand Perch … 7 inches

Black Drum … 16 inches

Flounder … 16.5 inches

Speckled Trout … 12 inches

Northern Pufferfish … 8 inches

Kingfish … 11 inches

False Albacore … 14 inches

Pompano … 6 inches

Burrfish … 7 inches

White Perch … 7 inches

Shad … 8 inches

Red Drum 20 to 27 inches can be scored. You cannot keep or score a fish out of the slot. Doing so would be illegal possession of a fish in the state of Delaware and you could be fined by DNREC. 27 inch red drum will score 28 inches for the release

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