DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 9 Postponed

We are postponing DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 9 until next Saturday the 14th.

The following Saturday (21st) will be the final. I checked the beaches today and despite the fact they will get a little pummeled and survive. I don’t want to send people out to try and win a gift card in this crap weather. Not to mention parks may bot open the beaches until Sunday if the conditions hold.

Right now casting is impossible, the wind is steady hard and moving sand down the beach. Free exfoliation at any Delaware State Beach right now. An angler ran past us today with a net in the air trying to catch flying fish. It is bad out there and will just get worse. The videos and pictures are form 11 AM this morning, high tide is at 3:45 PM

Gordons pond at 11 AM this morning

Next weekend we will resume DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 9. People are having a great time fishing this summer long surf fishing tournament. Next year it will be weekly, and anglers can pick their days. You will check in to the tournament app on the morning you intend to fish. Pictures have dates and times, easy to monitor catches. Also there will be a daily card chosen for each day and announced the night before. Everyone will upload catches to the app.

See you next weekend for the Summer Slam. Be safe this weekend.

Fish On!
Rich King

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