DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 8 Results

DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series During Angry Seas

Fishbites DSF’s newest tournament and event sponsor

Everyone was trying to fish today and then the ocean decided it wanted some its beach back. It didn’t ask, just showed up shaved about two to four feet of sand off the beach face into high tide. Despite that, there were fish being caught and we have a new arrival.

Puppy drum (black drum) are in the surf, they aren’t big enough to score or keep, they are the yearly little guys. The size of the medium spot you are catching. They get bigger quick, but still not large enough to keep but they are fun to catch. Aggressive feeders on Fishbites, sand fleas , and pretty much everything on small hooks.

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Andrew Hansen catching short bass in the wash at high tide.

The heavy surf white wash area pushed up by waves and wind was holding short striped on a few beaches today. They like feeding in that fast water, lot of stirred up food. If you pay attention you will see them swing through.

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One of Michelle Trotter’s spot, lot of spot racked up some points today for anglers.

Many anglers fished today but only a few scored, and some scored big with a lot of fish. A lot of spot, or any small schooling fish that qualify will stack up points. Bill Orth Damn near filled a bucket with scoring fish. A pile of spot for the dinner table to boot.

Sputnik sinker kind of day .. Michelle Trotter

Andrew Hansen … “Heading home. 9 Spot, 2 Dogfish, 1 Striper, 1 Bluefish, 2 Kingfish, 1 Black drum. But only 5 fish qualified 🙁 ”

Michelel Trotter … In the Morning she said …
“Sputnik kinda day! “
In Afternoon … “
Combat fishing today. Need a drop net for the beach! Caught 4 x 12″ blues and some dogs. Birds are picking It’s keeping me trying! Pretty day if you stay behind the truck! ”

Suzanne Martin … “Summer Slam series Saturday…. she’s a bit angry out there today…. “

(We are pretty sure she is referring to the beach)

Laura Foerster … “Rough n slow out there called it quits at 5 or so. Fished two locations. ”

Glad everyone had fun today if not fishing, then watching the beach erosion. We will see all of our winners at Crooked Hammock at 2 PM, if you can’t make it just let us know we will mail out to you or hold onto it for the next gathering in September.

Fish On!
Rich King

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Suzanne Martin … Huge ray on…the little Penn 4000 took a beating, snapped my line, and lost my DS custom tackle rig…. It was a nice fight though

DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 8 Results …

Ralph McBride … 117 points
Andrew Hansen … 40 points
Michelle Trotter … 30 points
Scott Jost …. 16 points
Laura Foerster …. 13 points
Suzanne Martin …. 11 points

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Overall Leader Board 
DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series

Anglers … points 

Michele Trotter … 305 points
​Ralph McBride … 202

Suzanne Martin … 86 points
Billy Elborn …. 80 points
Laura Foerster .. 73 points

Bill Orth …. 72 points 

Scott Jost … 46 points
Andrew Hansen … 40 points
Jesse Williams … 39 points
Gary Stefan … 38 points
Jonathan Martin … 38 points
Seth Cotner … 22 points
Steve Frech … 13 points
J Dillon … 19 points
Sammy Greene … 18 points

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