DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 4 Card

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Sting Silver is a “metal” that is great for these mackerel and bluefish. Use them in the fall when the albies show up too.

The card for your pictures tomorrow is the King of Clubs. Lines in 7 AM to 7 PM. Keep a spoon, Deadly Dick, or Stingsilver handy. (I keep calling them silver stingers). Some of the schools of fish passing the beaches have mackerel on them and we added those to the fish list. Cast for fish, drowned bait how you fish is up to you and you a nice 12 hour window to rack up some points. Most of all have fun!! Stay hydrated gonna be hot!

Tattered Pirate Flag

The fishing this week has been good in the surf with a lot of kingfish, sand perch, weakfish, and bluefish. Top and bottom rigs with fishbites, bloodworms, or squid pieces. The blue fish are hitting cut bait or mullet rigs. We should see a lot of fish scored tomorrow.

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DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Slam Series 4 card King of Clubs

Awards will be Sunday at Crooked Hammock starting at 2 PM. I have some cool tattered pirate flags we are adding to the prizes over the series. Check the fish list below for sizes and any limits. Email your catch pictures to admin@delaware-surf-fishing.com or send as a message to the Facebook page.

Have fun!!!!

Tim Bixby got this 12 inch pompano yesterday in the surf.


​Bluefish … 14 inches

Cobia … announced when Delaware sets the new creel size for 2019 

Croaker … 8 inches

Weakfish … 13 inches

Sand Perch … 7 inches

Black Drum … 16 inches

Flounder … 16.5 inches

Speckled Trout … 12 inches

Northern Pufferfish … 8 inches

Kingfish … 11 inches

False Albacore … 14 inches

Pompano … 6 inches

Burrfish … 7 inches

White Perch … 7 inches

Shad … 8 inches

Red Drum 20 to 27 inches can be scored. You cannot keep or score a fish out of the slot. Doing so would be illegal possession of a fish in the state of Delaware and you could be fined by DNREC. 27 inch red drum will score 28 inches for the release 

Spanish Mackerel … 14 inches

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