DSF’s Summer Surf Fishing Series Slam 7 Results

Decent day in the surf, many caught some, some caught many. The spot bite turned on pretty fast for a few anglers. “Rich the 4 photos with jokers aside of 2 of diamonds are mine. The next set of 4 pictures are for Ralph Mcbride. We were catching so fast, we were putting them in buckets and casting right back out.” The boys sent me a group photo of the spot haul, which is dinner by now or bait for tomorrow. They had a good day.

peanut bunker, menhaden, surf fishing, barbie doll holding fish, action figure holding fish, bait fish, omega, bunker, bunkah, striped bass candy, humpback whale food
Peanut bunker Michelle Trotter had swimming onto the beach being pushed by something. Good to see the peanuts in the surf.

Michelle Trotter has been killing it, she said today it was tougher than usual. “That’s all she wrote. 12 hours of fishing (minus one nap). The water looked great, then bad, then great, but it became a desert! At least it was a beautiful day. Perfect weather! ” … ” Peanut bunker committing suicide on the beach. It’s making us crazy”

spot, striped bass candy, rockfish candy, delaware, sussex county, surf fishing, yellow bellies
Lot of spot caught and only one kingfish today entered.

Everyone is fishing different beaches within a few yards to hundreds of yards of each other, or totally different parks, and towns north and south. Bethany beach has had a fat “zero” for a bite damn near all summer, but Fenwick has been good. The bite is different all day, up and down the coast.

Today’s winners …
Ralph McBride … 69 points
Laura Foerster … 49 points
​Bill Orth … 49 points
Suzanne Martin … 15 points
Michelle Trotter … 14 points
Scott Jost … 8

Andrew Hansen … Honorable mention for choice of cards, and a new rule. Make sure cards have no nudity, please. The Hooters cards however I’m down with. We use the photographs in articles and the newspapers.

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Andrew’s choice of cards today. Keep the cards clean gang, these are fine, we do enjoy the pictures.

See you all at the Crooked Hammock at 2 PM ish either the front bar area or back bar area at one of the tables.
Glad everyone had fun today that is the whole point.

Fish On!
Rich King

kingfish, whiting, summer surf fishing slam series tournament, delaware, sussex county, whiting, sea mullet, mullet, mullet toss
Laura Foerster entered the only kingfish today.

Overall Leader Board for the Grand Finale … 
Anglers … points 

Michele Trotter … 275 points
​Ralph McBride … 85

Billy Elborn …. 80 points
Suzanne Martin … 75 points
Bill Orth …. 72 points
Laura Foerster .. 49 points
Jesse Williams … 39 points
Gary Stefan … 38 points
Jonathan Martin … 38 points
Scott Jost … 30 points
Seth Cotner … 22 points

Steve Frech … 13 points
J Dillon … 19 points
Sammy Greene … 18 points


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