Drive On Beaches That Are Open

York Crossing South Bethany
York Crossing South Bethany

The following is a lit of the open drive on beaches.  I would expect them all to be open this weekend.  The reason it takes longer for the drive on beaches is the town beaches get priority by the state for obvious reasons.  The drive ons open have debris be careful, you never know what is under the sand.   There are swales galore and they are deep, be careful wading through them.  Do not drive on wet sand some areas are saturated and your vehicle will sink.

York Crossing at low tide yesterday,storm jonas, blizzard 2016, delaware, sussex county
York Crossing at low tide yesterday

Beach Plum Island Start Park … parking lot open
The Point  …  Open
Navy  … closed it is a mess
Herring Point Beach … Open
Gordons Pond … Open
Key Box to Faithful Steward … closed … Keybox may be open by 3 M today
3Rs … Open
York Crossing … Open
All Bathhouse parking lots are open … watch some of the crossovers they are hazardous

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Be careful at high tide the beaches get skinny, they are very wide right now at low tide it looks like Jersey beaches.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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