Diamondback Terrapins Being Displaced From Extreme High Tides


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6th Diamondback Terrapin rescued at Port Mahon .. photo from the Delaware Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators and Educators

The Delaware Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators and Educators are asking for everyone’s help.  Diamondback terrapins were displaced by storm Jonas.  They are asking everyone to keep an eye out for any turtles and contact them if they find any, they are popping up mostly on Delaware Bay beaches.  Also the coming cold this weekend will be a major issue for many that have surfaced form an interruption in their brumation due to the crazy temperature fluctuations.   This is the PSA from their Facebook page.  “Calling all turtle lovers in Delaware! We need your help. Today, we received our 6th Diamondback Terrapin in that is a casualty of the last snow storm and the recent high tides that we have been experiencing. The main intake of turtles has been from Slaughter Beach, Delaware, we have received 4 adults and a call about 1 hatchling. All have been hypothermic and a few have succumbed to predation. The latest hatchling came in today from Port Mahon–Little Creek, De. (pictured) If you are at any of the beaches this week and throughout the weekend and come across any turtle that is out on the beach or road, please call us as soon as possible….Vickie (302) 632-0304 or Cathy (302) 270-9256. Your assistance is greatly appreciated! The sooner we can get these terrapins into rehab, the greater chance of their survival…Thank you!”

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If you can keep a sharp eye out it would be most appreciated.   The terrapins need your help during these extreme high tides.

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