DelmarvaWx Is Live With Local Weather Conditions

DelmarvaWx A Local Weather Entity Is Now Live

Hunter Outten (July 20, 2020) … Stay informed of the weather conditions that are currently around you in a brand new way. Not from one of those national level weather services that leaves the Delmarva region on the back burner. DelmarvaWx is now providing local conditions data like no other. With access to over 3000 observation stations in the region, we have more reporting stations than the leading competitors here on the shore with even more on the way. An all one-page hub to know what’s going on outside without having to take a step outside. Given access to temperatures, humidity, wind speed & direction, watches & warnings, and many more!

You don’t even have to lift a finger once you are on the hub. The data will automatically refresh for you without having to hit that refresh button! You can sit back with your cup of coffee and have the data come to you. We will continue to keep adding new features as they come available to you. With DelmarvaWx, you will be informed of the weather conditions that are going on around you at the local level.

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Hunter has been following and reporting the weather for a long time. His information has always been spot on, even when others were not. It is a tough job being a weather guy, Hunter has a knack for it like no other.
Check out DelmarvaWx and the live weather conditions page for constant updates, watches, and warnings. I bug him constantly for updates for fishing, rocket launches, and recently, comet NEOWISE so I can shoot the comet. I may or may have not asked him to clear the skies for us to get a better view. Enjoy the website it will help you when you really need to know.

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DelmarvaWX current conditions page

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