Delaware’s One and Done Bull Red Run Of 2021

Last weekend some boys had a blast with bull reds for only a few hours.

(Sept 23, 2021) … It happens every year. Coincidentally right after we post about the possibility of bull reds caught on a Delaware Beach, it happens. This is the third year in a row. The Bulls Are Back In Town.
I’m going to start fishing right after that announcement. The bull reds show up at Assateague and many head that way. The east coast surf angler’s start migrating to Maryland. Delaware doesn’t get a run like Assateague but we get this really small window. It is one that can occur at any time during the bull red drum run at Assateague. It is the ultimate, you should been here, because it isn’t going to happen again for a year most likely. This one happened Sunday and Monday, at 3R’s. EDIT … The year 2021 we saw a two plus week Bull Red Drum run, it was strange and welcomed.

red drum, bull reds, delaware seashore state park, delaware surf fishing,
Marcus Dukes Bull red drum from the Surf at 3R’s on Sunday using a DS Custom Tackle surf rig.

I say a small window because usually someone gets into a few bull red drum that skirt our shoreline looking for food. Either one guy will catch a few of these in a couple hours, or like last weekend. A few guys will catch one in the small span of an hour. Then that is it for the year. Unless another small window of wandering bull reds drops by and you are lucky enough to hook up. You can’t catch them if you aren’t out there.

red drum, bull reds, delaware seashore state park, delaware surf fishing,
Smitty got his bull red at 3Rs on Sunday around the same time as the other boys.
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This is another reason to put out a big bait rig with a larger pyramid sinker or a frog tongue. You just never know. Most don’t target bull reds in Delaware. Spot or kingfish heads and chunks are preferred, but the whole fish works too.
Marcus caught his bull red with a whole spot on a DS Custom Tackle surf rig with a storm sinker.
Clam and crab is always good drum bait to have in your bait box. Check out the new DS Custom Tackle Drum Rig
Change baits regularly, another mistake is soaking a chunk of any cut bait for too long. In a tournament we will change bait every fifteen minutes.
Put out a rod for a big fish. Yeah it usually is a ray, shark or skate, but once in a while you get a nice big surprise.

red drum, bull reds, delaware seashore state park, delaware surf fishing,
Martin Bradley picked up this bull red on Monday

Most of these bull reds are in the thirty to forty pound range. Use the chart below to get an idea of your catch’s weight. Just get a close enough measurement. Using your fishing rod is easy just remember the spot. Better yet use a marker and put measurement marks on the rod. Take a look at the link below too.
Red Drum Simulation Model Workshop “The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (Commission) will hold a Red Drum Simulation Model Workshop as part of the ongoing simulation assessment. The simulation assessment was recommended by the Commission’s Assessment Science Committee as part of a roadmap for red drum stock assessments, which have experienced data limitations and uncertainty in the past. “

Red Drum length and weight chart

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