Delaware Memorial Bridge Tolls Will Go Up

The Governors of New Jersey and Delaware came to a compromise and the increased tolls have been improved, and approved. These are tentative to increase on March 1st, 2019. We use that bridge a lot traveling, so it will cost a little more now. Get an EZ Pass to save a few cents (a quarter) not to mention the time stopping for tolls. 

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New toll rates for the Delaware Memorial bridge
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What I didn’t know is the money made off the bridge tolls helps make up for the losses of the Cape May – Lewes ferry. Apparently ferry services usually lose money. We need to build that Lewes – Cape May tunnel already, the fishing structure would be money.
  The monies from this toll increase will go to projects to maintain the twin spans themselves and some projects for the ferry. One of them not being the needed dredging for the Kalmar Nyckel to return.

Fish On!
Rich King

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