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We now have a new page for many of the fish caught in Delaware click this link  for the fish identification page.  There is a new tab in the tool bar on the right hand side.  We are still adding different species and will soon have all of them up, but we wanted to show everyone what we had so far.  Any feedback as always would be appreciated.  Hope everyone likes the new page. Delaware Fish ID  Some of you may recognize some of the pictures.


Light Tackle Kayak Trolling the Chesapeake Bay, striped bass in the Chesapeake bay, rockfish
“The Inequitable Double Header.” Jeff Little of Tight Line Junkie Journal and Alan Battista

The fishing for tautog was good over last  weekend.  The Katydid out of Lewes made her last trip for the season until the spring thaw.   Saad and his boys took a trip with them and did well on a local wreck site.  There are still striped bass just south of us near Ocean City Maryland and a few stragglers not far above.

Alan Battista has been doing very well in the Chesapeake bay kayak fishing for striped bass in fifty feet of water.  Trolling jigs a technique he talks about in his book …  Light Tackle Kayak Trolling the Chesapeake Bay.   He sent us a report of the bay fishing he has been doing … “ Water Temp: 38 degree surface  Air Temp: Low 30’s, cold! The previous week there was a warming trend, but it had gotten progressively colder. The warmer weather may have scattered some fish through the water column, but we believed the cold snap would send them back to the bottom.  Jeff Little and I set out to do some deep water fishing using a tactic I’ve been talking about for the past few weeks…jig trolling. BKD’s have been very productive, but Jeff and I took some alternatives to see how well they worked. I bought a Halco Twisty 30 that I saw while shopping at Tochterman’s in the city. It caught my first fish so it worked. It was tougher to jig troll this lure however because of how it flutters. It became too influenced by wind and current.” 

I think a lot of Alan’s techniques will work in our own inland bays in some of the deeper areas of the Indian River inlet and maybe in the Delaware bay near the inner and outer walls.  I have been reading his book and will have a review for you soon, so far it is a great read.

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