Delaware Division of Public Health Says No More Animals In Restaurants

Not too long ago the Delaware Division of Public Health put out a notice on Facebook and sent it to all restaurants. Informing them that pets, and animals are no longer allowed in their establishments, this includes patio areas. Service animals are exempt from this law.

The internet as usual is losing their minds over this news. There is a code in Delaware laws that already forbids this, I assume they are just enforcing it now across the board. Why? “To date, inspectors have not strictly enforced the outdoor portion of the food code. In an effort to protect the health and safety of dining patrons, we are revisiting the Code and associated policies related to this issue.” … DDPH

I have a dog and love dogs, and pets, but not everyone does. Nor does everyone like or want to deal with animals when they go out to eat. It is pretentious of pet owners to think that they should be able to this despite the law, or the feelings of other patrons. I met a dog at the beach today. Owners said oh he is fine and friendly, (off leash) no he dam near bit me. Which is also a concern of not very socialized animals.

The Delaware Food Code, Chapter 6, Section 501.115, prohibits pets (except for service animals) in food establishments. Food establishments include outdoor service areas (areas where food is served) that are part of the restaurant.

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From the DDPH Facebook page post … “We know you love Fido. So do we, but leave your pets at home when you go out to eat. Live animals, including emotional support animals are strictly prohibited from Delaware restaurants. This includes outdoor service areas. Only service animals are allowed in Delaware restaurants. Exceptions are made for edible or decorative fish in aquariums, shellfish or crustacea on ice or under refrigeration, and patrol dogs.
If you have health concerns regarding a Delaware restaurant, call the Consumer Complaint Hotline at 302-744-4736 and let our staff know about it. Find out when a restaurant in your area is ordered to close by the Division of Public Health:…/enforcementactions.html. You can also find additional inspection results here:

no pets in restaurants in Delaware
Delaware Division of Public Health The Delaware Food Code prohibits pets – with the exception of service animals – in food establishments, which include outdoor service areas.

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