Delaware Beach Bars are NOT Closed

Click bait titles can be a beach and in this case it is hurting businesses.

The recent orders from the governor has not closed the bars at the beach. It has closed the physical bar within the establishment, but not the establishment itself. Click bait titles can be a beach and in this case it is hurting businesses. All of the “beach bars” are open. They have to go back to limited seating, some on a first come first serve basis. Drinks and food are ordered at tables and delivered to you. The bars do not have stools or seating. That is the part about the bar being closed that the media focused your attention.
If you need to know if a place is open or what is up, call ahead or check their social media. The Google is also an underused amazing tool.

Everyone in the industry is freaking out about the media announcing the beach bars are closed. Frankly there are so many people here and with the limited seating. I don’t think business will be an issue for any drinking establishment. Aside from the fact nothing is near “normal” or like last year. Some establishments are closing due to issues. Many have gone to outside seating only, for your and their employee’s safety.

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Visit your favorite places. Masks are required, there are new restrictions and rules in most of the Delaware beach towns. Follow these please, that isn’t a request. Businesses have rules, they are not your choice, they are private entities. Respect their rules, you don’t go out naked to dine do you? Wait, don’t answer that.

The people working to serve you are under enough stress, leave your inner Karen at home. Because no one is “Karening” what your problem is right now. Everyone is under a lot of pressure, taking it out on some poor kid just trying to make a living at limited capacity sucks. Don’t be that person, and make things worse for them and you.

Happy fourth of July Weekend
Stay Safe
Don’t touch your face, or mine

Rich King

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