Crazy Day At the Beaches With Motorcycles, Flying Whales, And That Storm

I have seen all kinds of vehicles on the beach, even a lot of the fat tire bicycles as well. The bicycles do just fine, they even air down a little. Today James Smith sent a photo to the DSF group page of this motorcycle, that is a first for me. This was just after the storm hit south of Cape Henlopen State Park. We watched it rock the south beaches, while we caught spot, kingfish, and weakfish.

Motorcycle on the beach access at the crossing for Fenwick Island State Park.

James Smith … “He said that was an adventure, when he went by me getting air. This happened just after the storm.” That must have been one hell of a ride, in the sand in that storm. Glad the rider is okay. Can’t imagine what that ride was like in all that wind and rain. No idea why he pulled onto the beach.

Car really stuck on the access in Fenwick. Anthony Santoro picture

I don’t know if a motorcycle aired down would make it on the beach. That bike was dug in up the frame, pipes and then some. While that was going on at one Fenwick Drive on. There was a car jammed into the berm at another crossing for Fenwick.

Whale kite at Cape Henlopen State Park on Herring Pint Beach
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Where the crew was fishing we were dealing with flying whales, and some freaky looking goblin looking kites. They were huge. Once the winds picked up.

Whale kite at Cape Henlopen State Park on Herring Pint Beach

To add to the crazy fun we have at the beach. There is a warning sign on Parker road, for zombies. This has been entertaining the past few days. Great description of what you will run into on the highway.

Zombies Ahead Use Caution … Parker Rd today between Selbyville and Frankford .. photo by Shane Payne

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