Coast Guard Station Indian River Welcomes New OIC

Our new and past three OIC’s Michael Kristiansen, Don Holcomb, Nick Muskalla, and Jim Pond

A couple of weeks ago the USCG station Indian River held a Change of Command Ceremony for their new OIC. That is Officer In Charge, if you don’t know the lingo. I had to ask too the first time I went to one of these. Now I have been to three of these ceremonies. This one was a little more special. I was saying good bye to a new friend and saying hello to an old one. My buddy Nick is back and this time he is the OIC.

OIC Chief Boatswain’s Mate Don Holcomb being relieved by Chief Boatswain’s Mate Nicholas Muskalla as OIC of USCG Indian River Station

Chief Boatswain’s Mate Nicholas Muskalla is back in Delaware as the new OIC at the United States Coast Guard Station Indian River. He is replacing Chief Boatswain’s Mate Donald Holcomb, who is headed to California, a real change from Delaware. Holcomb was a great OIC to work with while he was stationed at Indian River. He did a great job in Delaware, but he really went the extra mile keeping his crews “together and going” during the government shutdown. We are going to miss him and wish him well on his next assignment, which I understand is a huge ship.
Our new officer In Charge, Nick Muskalla was stationed here a few years back and it was great seeing him again. Looking forward to the next few years working with him.
The real treat was seeing the past three, and new OIC in one spot. I have worked with all of these gentlemen over the years, good people. The boys were back in town, and it was fun seeing them.
Me …
“I walked into the ceremony tent (late as usual) and Mike and Jim are sitting there, and Clarke Droney from Tow Boat US. I knew it was a party then. Everyone was smiling and trying not to make too much noise like the bad kids in the back of the class.” Good seeing all of you guys.

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Storm cloud coming across the inland bays Memorial Day weekend 2019 … OIC USCG Indian River Nick Muskalla

Not twenty four hours after he took his new position, I was calling the new OIC about the Bakers Channel issue. Making sure they were aware how bad it was, and they are, and what could be done. A week or so later he is sending me a sick shot of the storm cloud coming in over the bay on Memorial Day weekend.
Working with the USCG locally has been a lot of fun over the years and has helped keep many people safe and informed. The USCG is all good people, always on the look out.

Semper Paratus and welcome back!
Rich King

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