Clamming with sharks in Rehoboth Bay


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Masseys Ditch channel near Raccoon Thicket Point

I have been sent many reports the past few days about shark sightings in Rehoboth Bay and the other inland bays.  Tom Deptula saw one while crabbing along the marsh grass across from the Rudder in Dewey Beach.  It pushed him up against the grassline while he was in his kayak.  I think he is still cleaning his shorts from that one.  Corey Brossman saw one while fishing a few days ago and it approached his boat.  Yesterday Rob Lesher and his buddies were clamming near masseys ditch about a hundred feet from shore, when a big shark breached trying to catch a gull.  They didn’t stick around to identify the shark or take any pictures they hightailed it back to land.  This was on the Rehoboth bay side of Masseys ditch near the channel.   Some buddies of mine caught a two hundred and fifty pound hammerhead near the buoy transition in the Indian River bay three years ago.  Sharks come into the inland bays and it seems more so this year than ever.  I have friends that dive the Indian River Inlet and they have seen some big sharks move through there over the years.   This is not to freak anyone out, but to make you all wary that we have sharks moving around the inland bays.  Keep that in mind when you are wading for clams or just playing in the water this weekend.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Sharks, like any fish, are curious by nature and noise or commotion in the water will attract them.  Yesterday at the Roosevelt Inlet I saw something going after a bird on the water.  It had to be shark thrashing around near the UD boats, nothing else breaks water like that, but I told the guy next to me, no worries probably just a bluefish (a 7 foot bluefish).  He was worried it was a big shark, I didn’t want to freak him out.

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