Cats On The Loose in Delaware


jaguar on beach, cape henlopen state park, tow truck on beach
The elusive Beach Jaguar caught today by a tow truck

So I am sure by now everyone has heard about the twenty thousand dollar exotic pet cat that is on the loose up north in the Brandywine Hundred.  Apparently this cat named Boo, escaped from his owners dwelling, and has been on the loose for almost two weeks.  It resembles a small leopard with a little head, large ears, elongated neck,long slender legs, and a pale yellow coat with natural black spots.  This is a domesticated F1 Savannah cat, and is apparently harmless to kids and pets.  So now the question is who wants to go on safari in New Castle?  I am kidding, hopefully they find this cat and it is returned to its owners.  Another exotic cat was spotted on a Delaware Beach today, apparently the  Beach Jaguar has started running in the surf.  We didn’t realize the season was still active for them here, but apparently this one was caught off guard today by a large tow truck.  When in its natural habitat, the beach jaguar, grey in color, featuring All Wheel Drive for those quick getaways, can also quickly bury itself to the frame as a defense mechanism.  When domesticated they can carry a price tag exceeding forty thousand dollars.  The Safari tow truck driver snuck up on this creature as it was basking in the October summer sun, this afternoon at Cape Henlopen state park and captured this fine specimen.  It was quickly booted and released to the highest bidder.  If you see one of these rare and elusive creatures try not to get near them as they can be a bit testy when in the sand.  The best approach is a wide berth when driving on, while snapping off a barrage of pictures for your friends.  We have a new emergency contact number page on the tool bar of the web site and the ranger dispatch is the first one listed, if you see any of these elusive critters please give them a call.  The Safari Tow company is on call twenty four hours a day to capture these beasts.


jeep stuck in tidal ditch, stupid human tricks, vehicles stuck on the beach, delmarva fishing follies
The Jeep That Shouldn’t Have drinking from a tidal ditch
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Recently up north in New Jersey or New York we are not too sure where.  The elusive cousin of the beach jaguar, the Jeep That Shouldn’t Have was spotted trying to cross a tidal ravine near the surf.  Once stuck, it quickly sank and was not budging.  I have only seen this once before in the Outer Banks about twenty five years ago during a drum run.  We were in line to cross a tidal ditch at low tide when one of these popped out of the dunes made a bee line around all the vehicles and cut cross the ditch above us, and sank to the hood.  These are even more hard to deal with once stuck.  Even if domesticated, their trainers tend to be a bit  angry with their steeds for getting stuck trying to cross an obviously too deep ravine.  Again it is usually a good idea to avoid these creatures and their masters when stuck as they can become violent over a situation they created.  Pictures can be taken but it best to be discreet as they can lash out at passersby.  If you encounter one, it is best to stay on the premarked trails or paths, so as not to spook any of them into your path.

In all seriousness, make sure you have the proper vehicle and gear to drive onto any beach on the east coast.  Delaware beaches are like sugar most of the time and without the proper clearance, which is seven inches in Delaware, you are going to get stuck.  All Wheel Drive does work, but not always, especially in a low profile vehicle.  If your vehicle is not suited for beach driving it is best not to take it on the beach, it is just that simple.  The lower to the sand, the more you will collect in your under carriage and that will create more problems down the road.  Keep your eyes open a friend of mine once dropped his truck into a large hole and it took most of the day to dig him out.  Must have been a old, forgotten, sand trap for the beach jaguar.  Drive on smart, pay attention, and be safe at all times, you never know what you are going to run into, literally

Fish On!!

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