Carolina Surf Casters Association Long Casting Competition

Trupulse 200X measuring Device ... photo from Tommy Farmer
Trupulse 200X measuring Device … photo from Tommy Farmer

I recently spoke to Tommy Farmer President of the Carolina Surf Casters Association about the upcoming long casting tournament.  I have seen a lot of videos on U tube about long casting and even took some lessons a few years ago.   I am going to go checkout the long casting tournament in March.  They are going to be casting eight ounces, which if you have ever tried to do that you know that is a serious amount of weight to cast.  Especially if you are casting for distance.  I have always wanted to see one of these events live and in person.  We don’t have any around here anymore and we are working on changing that as well.  I just have to find a very long field to cast in to host an event, unlike Punkin Chunkin I only need about twelve hundred feet in each direction.  If you get a chance swing down to Chesapeake VA on March 19th and check out this event.  Tommy said he is hoping this year they will have a much larger turnout than all of the last three competitions combined.   Rules and information are listed below

Fish On!!

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CSCA March 2016 Tournament Information … 

• Where – 1333 Indian Creek Road Chesapeake VA.
• When – March 19-20 2016. Casting to start at approx. 9:30 both days. On Saturday the 19th we will cast until 4:00, on Sunday we will cast until 3:00 to allow those that travel time to drive home. Times may be adjusted as determined by weather or other factors at the discretion of CSCA officers.
• Rates – CSCA membership is 20.00 for 2016. As a member you cast for 10.00 per day. For those that don’t wish to join the CSCA, you have the option to cast as a day caster for 20.00 per day.

The following additional rules for the 8 oz class;
1. Drum fishing (Heaver) rods to be used. No limit on length.
2. High reel position.
3. Reel- minimum size 6500/656/Daiwa 20 size. Needs to hold at least 275 yards of .35mm line.
4. Line – high vis mono, a minimum diameter of .35mm.
5. Shockleader – High vis mono, minimum diameter of .75mm.
6. Casting style – Either a “Hatteras” style beach cast OR a lay back style groundcast not to exceed 220 degrees of rod arc from start of powerstroke to center target line. NO PENDULUM OR FULL TOURNAMENT (270 degree) GROUNDCASTS.
7. Sinkers to be provided by the CSCA.
The tournament field marshal has final authority over any and all disputes.

Tommy Farmer 

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