Cape Henlopen: The point opens this Saturday

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The Point at Cape Henlopen State Park

The point in Cape Henlopen State Park is scheduled to open on Saturday August 31st.  Normally it does not open until September 1st, but this year that day falls on a Sunday.  The parks staff are working diligently to get the point open, and have a few things they need to do before they can open it to the public.  It could happen as early as Friday afternoon, but they can not guarantee that.  It will be a pleasure to fish my favorite spot this year, something we have to wait for all summer .  If you are not familiar with the point, you must mind the incoming tide.  Water moves fast in the Delaware Bay when the tides shift, and can cover the beach quickly.  Stranding vehicles in an area surrounded by water, or leaving them in wet sand to sink.  Be careful and keep that in mind, parking close to the water can quickly become a bad idea.  Also don’t forget horse back riding is permitted in the park in the fall and you will see many on the beaches.  Try to be mindful of spooking the horses, with vehicles, and give them the right of way at all times.  See you in the sandbox.

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