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I checked out Cape Henlopen today    and fished a couple of decent looking cuts.  The beaches for the most part were empty a random angler here and there.  More beachcombers and walkers than anything else.  I was sent a message that a seal was spotted near the point today in the water.  The clarity of the water is that of chocolate milk or the color of runny cement.  It does not look pretty, unless you hit the fish on the head you will have a hard time catching.  I chucked lures across a few cuts for an hour or more and then called it quits.  The beaches at Cape Henlopen are flat except where the waves hit the edge of the beach.  Eventually that will get carved back to a steeper slope.  The point is totally flat, I almost considered not airing down when I drove out to the end of the ramp.  I did anyway, you don’t want to get stuck on a deserted beach this time of year.  The sand was packed down like cold hard cement, which made for a bumpy ride. The beach’s shape is changed a bit but the water will fix that soon.  You can see the areas where the water washed into the dunes, collected in pools, and then drained into the sand, discoloring it with the silt left behind.  All in all the beaches look relatively clean.  So far just some dogfish have been caught in the surf.  Have a nice weekend and good luck out there.   No images found.

Fish On!!

Rich King

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