Burtons Pond Has Been Reopend


burtons pond trash, route 24, delaware, sussex county
Eierman Nye Terry Theresa‎ … One person can make a difference. Doing my part today cleaning up trash along the road at Burton’s pond. Could have used another bag… April 17th

Rich Cordeaux contacted me the other day and said he spoke to Mr. Burton about the pond. “So Mr burton called me and the pond is fully open until at least the fall.  He saw a few different  trucks picking up trash over the past few weeks. I guess he came to visit. Well since he saw that he picked up the really big trash and took the signs down.  Looks like we got to enough people to make a difference. ”  We tried to get some people together to do a clean up but the weather was just bad each time we tried.  That didn’t stop people form taking their own initiative and cleaning out a huge amount of trash over the last couple of months.  Because of the efforts of some anglers and kayakers, the pond will now remain open to the public until the fall.  Great to see that many went down there and cleaned that area up so the pond would not remain closed.  There are many places that could use the same care and attention.  With more people getting into fishing every year, and less and less access due to things like littering, we need to care for the accesses we have to fish.  Noxontown pond is one that is having issues and many locals in that area have taken the initiative to get it cleaned up.  Be part of the solution, not the problem.  Carry out more than you carried in.  It is sad people have to clean up after others, but people who litter will never stop, it is in their nature to not care.  So as much as we hateit we clean up after others to protect the areas that we love to fish.  Huge thanks to all that care and try to make a difference, some days it seems like we are outnumbered by the ones that just don’t.

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